Analyze a list of genomic entities
File with genomic entities: The format must be the following:
chromosome start_coordinate end_coordinate entity_name
The name of the entity is optional, if not set it will be set to NA
The genome assembly: Choose a specie/genome assembly if your data belongs to one of the available ones. Just if a species is chosen, the co-localization with gene regions and the funcional enrichment/depletion analysis can be carried out
General parameters (apply to all input modes)
Distance parameters
Chromosome intersection: For each chromosome the first intersection between the observed and the theoretical distance distribution is detected. This distance is then taken as the maximal distance between two DNA words or entities
Percentile: The percentlile (between 1 and 100) of the observed distance distribution which should be used as distance parameter (for each chromosome a different max. distance will be used). For example. percentile = 50 would be the median
Fixed distance: The max. distance for each chromosome
P-value: The p-value filter. Just clusters with lower p-values will be present in the output