Version control

Virtual machine

22/03/2018: new virtual machine released (here) (problems with bowtie that affected sRNAbench were fixed)

21/11/2017: new virtual machine released (here) (problems with R modules that affected sRNAde were fixed)

31/05/2017: new virtual machine released (big-indexes are now recognized automatically, new versions of sRNAbench and sRNAde included)


30/5/2017: Version 6/17 released: current sRNAbench.jar

Novelties: prediction of novel microRNAs was improved, command line help was added, statistics of genome mapping (if more than one species was used)

30/5/2017: Version 6/17 released: current sRNAde.jar

Novelties: command line help was added, new features as expression matrix from fasta files, isomiR analysis at a read level

15/8/2016: Version 08/16 released: sRNAbench.jar

15/8/2016: Version 08/16 released: sRNAde.jar


SRNAbench: 30/05/2017

For microRNAs that map both, to the forward and negative strand (like hsa-miR-486-3p) the adjusted read count was calculated incorrectly (taking into account the mappings to the negative strand). This bug was fixed now.