Superstructures DB

Chromosome coordinates of superstructures

Chromosome superstructures were revealed by using a segmentation algorithm incorporating the long-range correlations existing in human DNA [1]. Every chromosome is composed of a few huge segments (∼ 107 bp) of relatively homogeneous G+C content. The biological relevance of these superstructures has been demonstrated by showing that genes belonging to the same superstructure share a high number of GO terms (i.e., have functionalities in common), thus pointing to a very large scale structural and functional organization of the genome.

[1] Pedro Carpena, José L. Oliver, Michael Hackenberg, Ana V. Coronado, Guillermo Barturen and Pedro Bernaola-Galván. 2011.
High-level organization of isochores into gigantic superstructures in the human genome
Physical Review E 83: 031908 (1-7)