There are 3 ways to use sRNAtoolbox (or parts of it):

1) Webserver

The webserver can be accessed here: sRNAtoolbox webserver

IMPORTANT NOTE: 30/05/2017. The webserver crashed. We are currently trying to recover it.

The webserver was recoverd by 12/06/2018

2) VirtualMachine

sRNAtoolboxVM is a virtual machine that can be executed on all common operating systems through virtualization programs like VirtualBox or VMware, providing the user with a high number of preinstalled programs like all sRNAtoolbox tools, Vienna package, bowtie, samtools etc. needed for common small RNA data analysis. The virtual machine can be downloaded here: sRNAtoolboxVM

3) Standalone versions

Currenlty sRNAbench and sRNAde can be downloaded as standalone versions (download standalone versions).