sRNAtoolbox Docker

Getting started with sRNAtoolbox Docker

The sRNAtoolbox docker provides the user with a number of preinstalled programs like all sRNAtoolbox tools, Vienna package, bowtie, samtools etc. needed for common small RNA data analysis.

First of all, Docker must be installed. To install Docker in Ubuntu and MacOS please do the following:

1- Install docker

sudo apt update
sudo apt install

2- Start docker as a service

	sudo systemctl start docker
	sudo systemctl enable docker

To install Docker Desktop in Windows please follow these instructions.

sRNAtoolbox docker is hosted in Dockerhub so the first step is to pull the image from it:

sudo docker pull ugrbioinfo/srnatoolbox:latest

After this, your sRNAtoolbox docker image is downloaded and now you can launch it:

sudo docker run --hostname sRNAtoolbox --name sRNAtoolbox --user srna --workdir /home/srna -it ugrbioinfo/srnatoolbox:latest /bin/bash

Alternatively, if you want to start the container with shared folders:

sudo docker run --hostname sRNAtoolbox --name sRNAtoolbox --user srna --workdir /home/srna --mount type=bind,source=MACHINE_FOLDER,destination=/shared/shared_folder -it ugrbioinfo/srnatoolbox:latest /bin/bash

After the first use you can exit the container by typing “exit” and stop the container with the following:

sudo docker stop sRNAtoolbox

For further uses:

sudo docker start sRNAtoolbox 
sudo docker exec -term=SCREEN -it sRNAtoolbox /bin/bash