The Computational Epigenomics Lab at Granada University (Spain) develops and applies new tools to explore the genome and the epigenome.

The work of the laboratory is supported by grants from the Spanish Government , and Junta de Andalucía, Spain (Grupo PAI: BIO-162).

Current members:

Former members:

  • Ricardo Lebrón, Postdoc. Moved to the Institute for Medical Systems Biology (BIMSB), Max Delbrück Center, Berlin
  • Guillermo Barturen, Postdoc. Moved to GENYO, Granada
  • Fran Dios, Postgraduate, Computational Science. Moved to Vulcanus Program, Japan
  • Antonio Rueda, Postgraduate, Biochemistry. Moved to Genome England, London
  • Stefanie Geisen, Erasmus internship, Bioinformatics. Moved to München
  • Maarten Hamberg, Erasmus internship, Bioinformatics.